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YES provides the ultimate, simplified solution for integrated payroll, HR management, benefits administration, and benefits brokerage services using a secure, single database. Our services include financial indemnification so you can sleep better at night.

Common Complaints about Payroll/
Benefit Providers

Multiple on-premise databases

Most of the larger payroll/HR/benefits providers use multiple databases to house payroll, HR, benefits administration, benefits compliance, and benefits brokerage employee data. Additionally this data is stored on-premise servers that many experts agree is less secure than cloud-based storage.

No Control of Data

Most clients of service providers do not control their own data.

Inaccurate Data

Companies complain about inaccuracies in the reports they receive.

Extra Report Fees

Surprise fees at the end of the month and/or additional cost for reports required to reconcile information due to insistent data accuracy.

Compliance/Indemnification Issues

Most service providers don’t want to indemnify because compliance & indemnification aren’t seamlessly integrated into their system, which means data from a separate system must be verified. Compliance/indemnification can add substantial additional costs.

Pool of Service Representatives

Most service companies have a pool of representatives that service their clients.

YES' Solution

More Secure database to help you meet your fiduciary resposibilities

YES uses a single database for all payroll, HR, and benefits processes. As a Google employee stated in ERISA’s 2016 report on cybersecurity, one of the greatest security risks is transferring data between separate databases. Additionally, YES secures your employees’ information in the cloud. According to industry technology experts, the cloud provides an environment for greater cyber security and faster response to an attempted attack than on-premise databases.

Control of Your Data

You own and have control the data in our integrated system.

Clean Data

Your data is clean and we produce accurate reports.

No Extra Fees

With YES there are no extra report fees. And because our data is clean, our reports are clean.

Automatic Compliance/Indemnification

Because our advanced integrated system assures data integrity, compliance & indemnification are automatic with no additional fees for our clients.

Dedicated Representatives

YES assigns a dedicated representative to each of our clients. Think of them as ”augmented staff” to your payroll department. Our approach to processes is high tech, and our approach to customer service is high touch.


The Ulitmate one-stop shop for payroll, human hesource management, benefits administration, benefits compliance and benefits brokerage services.

YES’ secure one source database for payroll, human resource management and benefits administration helps you to reduce the risk of a database breach and meet your fiduciary responsibilities.

Management Team

Seasoned industry professionals created YES as a convenient one-stop to pull together all HR, payroll and benefits functions through a single database, with one login, one password, and a dedicated high-touch customer service respresentative for employers and employees.


Edward L. Cain

President and Managing Member

Edward Cain is recognized as one of the HR industry’s “Top 100 Superstars” by HRO Today. He serves as president and managing member. Mr. Cain has been involved in growing three successful companies in the HR outsourcing industry: Employee Solutions-East, Personal Benefits Group Inc., and MyBenefitSource, the latter of which was purchased and absorbed into RSM McGladrey Employer Services, an H&R Block subsidiary.


R. Stan Hodges

Executive Vice President, Broker Services, Advisory Board Member

Stan Hodges is an expert in the insurance/benefits industry with 33 years of experience. He is the Executive Vice President of Insurance Services at YES, a founding investor, and an advisory board member. He is a licensed agent for life, accident and sickness, and property casualty products. Prior to co-founding YES, he sold his insurance agency, Hodges & Associates, Inc., to Employee Benefits Practices of Pointe North Insurance Group where he became a practice leader.


PJ Cannon

Executive Vice President, Marketing & Corporate Communications

PJ Cannon is a marketing professional with 30 years of experience in technology, civil engineering, business services, and consumer products. She was VP of marketing for a start-up payroll/benefits firm purchased by RSM McGladrey, an H&R Block subsidiary. She led the development of very competitive multi-million/billion-dollar engineering proposals for 11 years. During the technology boom in San Francisco in the years leading up to 2000, she was instrumental in the launch of the initial e-commerce websites for high-profile companies. Ms. Cannon is driven by a passion for excellence, and tends to be an early adopter of cutting edge technologies and services.


Mary Alice Going

Vice President Human Resource & Benefits Administration

Mary Alice Going has 20 years of experience in payroll/HR/benefits administration with ADP, Pacific Union Financial, and XROADS Solutions Group. She received her Master’s Certification in Human Resource Management from Villanova University and is a Member of the Society for Human Resources.


Yolanda Sanford

Director of Inside Sales

Yolanda Sanford began her insurance career with Aflac in 2011 as telemarketer scheduling appointments for outside sales representatives. Prior to Aflac, Ms. Sanford worked for Vipco Advisors, where she helped advise companies on ways to comply with the Affordable Care Act.


Lynn Hughes


Lynn Hughes is a former All-American football player and coach for the University of Georgia. He brings extensive experience in the Insurance industry, and was an early pioneer in the business of payroll deduction and guaranteed issue life insurance. Mr. Hughes is a licensed agent for life, health, and property casualty insurance products. He began working with Mr. Cain in the PEO industry in 1995 and later became a co-founder of MyBenefitSource, which was absorbed into RSM McGladrey Employee Services. MyBenefitSource was the first Administrative Service Organization (ASO) in the United States.


E. Bruce Shaw

Advisory Board Member

Bruce Shaw has 38 years of experience in the insurance industry starting as a sales representative in 1979. He is a founding investor and advisory board member of YES. He joined the Marion Holmes’ Agency in 1983 and became a partner in 1984. After Marion Holmes retired in 1991, he became President of the Holmes-Shaw Agency, which was acquired in 2002 by Reliance Financial Corporation. Mr. Shaw served as President of the Holmes-Shaw Agency/Reliance Insurance until June of 2014 when he repurchased the Holmes-Shaw Agency from Reliance Financial Corporation.


David B. Holmes

Advisory Board Member

David Holmes has 20 years of experience in employee benefits. He is a founding investor and advisory board member of YES. With a focus on customer service, he has exceled at creating client-friendly support materials to facilitate successful product implementation. He joined the Holmes-Shaw Agency in 1988, and is a member of NAIFA and Insurance & Financial Leaders of Georgia. Mr. Holmes graduated from Georgia State University and earned his CPA designation in 1983.


Roy A. (Rad) Downey

Advisory Board Member

Rad Downey has extensive experience in employee benefits with special expertise in the long-term-care. He is a founding investor and advisory board member of YES. He worked in life insurance for John Hancock prior to joining the Holmes-Shaw Agency in 1996. Mr. Downey graduated from the University of Georgia in 1994.


Stephen Roy

Advisory Board Member

Stephen Roy has more than 30 years of experience in the financial services/healthcare insurance industries. He is a founding investor and advisory board member of YES. He began his insurance career as legal counsel for Connecticut General Life Insurance Company’s Life Specialty Market Division. Mr. Roy is a principal at Comprehensive Corporate Strategies and Strategic Health Solutions. He has served as Managing Director of Management Compensation Group SE, and was a founding principal, and executive vice president of MAGNER.NETWORK, a financial services technology firm in Atlanta, Georgia.

YES helps you reduce your fiduciary liabilities.


Chances of a data breach increase if:

1) Your employee data is stored in multiple databases with links between them. In the November 2016 ERISA “Cybersecurity Considerations for Benefit Plans” report, Rebecca McQuilling with Google states: “There’s no such thing as a private link. That’s a fallacy that doesn’t exist.”

2) Your employee data is stored in on-premise servers versus the cloud. A CNBC News’ article dated August 4, 2017 titled “Ransomware Can Cost Firms Over $700,000; Cloud Computing May Provide the Protection They Need” states: “The cloud actually helps security operations respond quicker to threats as opposed to time consuming trouble-shooting for aging on-premises systems.

YES' CLOUD-BASED database maximizes security.

”With YES, all your employee data for payroll, HR, and benefits administration is housed in a SINGLE DATABASE to maximize security as well as simplify processes. For increased security, and simplified automatic updates to software, YES secures your employee information IN THE CLOUD. Our applications are maintained with a comprehensive program designed to ensure the security of customer data, protect against security threats, and prevent unauthorized access to the data of our customers.

The ERISA Advisory Council’s November 2016 report titled “Cybersecurity Considerations for Benefit Plans” states...

"it’s not a question of if
you will have a cyber
attack, rather it is a
question of when."

The ERISA report goes on to state: “The next question is what you are going to do about it. You should be PREPARED IN ADVANCE. Sponsors and fiduciaries should consider cybersecurity in safeguarding benefit plan data and assets, as well as when making decisions to select or retain a service provider.”

To read the full report on the Department of Labor website click here


Uncommon Customer Service

The cornerstone of our core values is to provide the very best in customer care to EMPLOYERS and EMPLOYEES alike. Instead of impersonal call centers, YES provides high-touch customer service for EMPLOYERS with dedicated service representatives who are always familiar with your account. YES also offers high-touch customer service for EMPLOYEES and their dependents 24/7/365 through YES’ Hello To Healthcare Services. Our multi-lingual representatives always know the exact benefits your EMPLOYEES are enrolled into and are there to help them maximize the coverages available to them.